Sunday, July 27, 2008

Say No to Expensive Blenders/Choppers

I want to say thanks to the ladies at Trading Mamas for passing this great tip along to me.

If you need to finely chop something, don't pay $70-$100 for one of the newer expensive hand choppers. Chances are, you already have what you need to get the job done! All you'll need is a blender and a mason jar (I use the pint jars for most items). This is a great tool to use for chopping nuts, finely chopping veggies, and even making your own homemade laundry detergent!

Remove the lid from the jar and the blade base from the blender. Attach the jar to the blade base.

Attach jar to blender base and chop away!
Note: in the photos I have use a 1/2 pint jar. These can be used to chop dry herbs, but I recommend a pint or quart jar for most chopping needs.


mommomto2pumpkins said...

great idea!!! i'm going to have to try this!

your link is on ym blog too!:)

Jessica said...

I'm definately trying this! I hope my blender will let me do this.