Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Imitation vanilla extract maybe much cheaper than the real thing in the store, but it's chocked full of artificial colors and chemicals to achieve that vanilla flavor. Now, you can be frugal and enjoy the richness of real vanilla extract!

Using vanilla beans, cheap vodka, and father time, you can have your own fantastic vanilla extract. Start by purchasing good vanilla beans. I purchased a sampler pack from The Organic Vanilla Bean Company! The sampler pack I purchased actually contained 22 beans which gave me a small bonus bottle of my homemade extract.

Take the beans and slice them down the middle to expose the soft insides of the beans. This will help the beans infuse the vodka with their wonderful flavor!

I bought two- one liter bottles of the cheapest vodka I could find. Fortunately, DH and I had a small 375 mL bottle of the pricier stuff that was given to us, but it remained unopened! I put 9 beans in the one liter bottles, the remaining 4 beans I placed in the 375 mL bottle.

Put the lids back on the bottles and store them in a cool, dry place. Give them a shake every so often. In about 3 months you should have fantastically flavorful vanilla extract.

Extra Tip: Put this in small bottles and hand them out for holiday gifts!


mommomto2pumpkins said...

very cool idea! what a neat christmas gift!

what are you making for christmas gifts:??

i'm making syd a bunch of scented playdoughs, the homemade alpahbet book i talked about and a homemade kitchen (need to buy the wood and components for that at home depot sometime) then i'm having tif and syd make the coolest clocks i saw onthe web using records and cd's and clock movement that you can buy at michaels!

Mary said...

I think DH is going to try to do a wood kitchen as well. We have a wooden stable we bought earlier this year for the girls. They have tons of horse figurines. I may have to do scented playdough as well. Closer to time I may have to borrow your ideas for a post--with your permission of course :)

mommomto2pumpkins said...

oh no problem borrow away!

i think i might make some flet nad fun foam food as well!

my oldest is harder cuz unless i can make the joans brothers appear is getting at the at the age where making stuff gets harder she turns 8 at the end of august